The Food Cop: Nutrition Guide and Workbook 

(ISBN-13: 978-0615478715; ISBN-10: 0615478719)
Available in soft cover and e-book formats

Do you have difficulty deciding which foods are healthy and which are unhealthy? Understanding food labels? Recognizing proper portion sizes? Determining how many calories you should consume each day to maintain a healthy weight/body fat percentage?

The Food Cop: Nutrition Guide and Workbook will guide you through the answers to all of these questions and much more, and help lead you along the path to eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. This book provides expert information from a credentialed nutrition professional, along with the tools you need to keep track of your personal goals and progress.

The Food Cop: Nutrition Guide and Workbook features a:

  • Nutrition Quiz – determine your basic nutrition knowledge
  • Nutrition Guide – factual nutrition information to help you make healthy decisions regarding your meal choices
  • Vitamin and Mineral Guide – details about fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins, minerals, and the recommended food sources for each
  • Nutrition Workbook – keep track of your daily meal and nutrient intake
  • Notes section – record notes and photos about your progress
  • Recommended Serving Size Portion Guide – use this handy pocket guide when dining out to help you determine the proper portion sizes of your food items and prevent you from overeating

“It is very uncommon to find a book that gets to the point quickly on nutrition and easy to follow. The information in The Food Cop: Nutrition Guide and Workbook is easy for the novice to use immediately and make a change in their life right away. I highly recommend this book for doctors and patients alike.”

Dr. Tim Gooing
Orange County California Chiropractic Association
Board Member


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