clean healthy food

Clean Healthy Food

Much of what consumers eat these days is not real food because of all the added chemicals, making a lot of food unsafe and unhealthy. Learn how to change your eating habits by making better food choices.

grow your own food

Grow Your Own Food

By growing your own food, you know exactly what you’re eating, plus it’s a great way to save on your food budget. Here is some helpful info about starting and caring for a fruit and vegetable garden.

food sensitivities intolerances LEAP MRT

Food Sensitivities

Did you know that many common health conditions, including IBS, migraines, fibromyalgia, and fatigue, are caused by a food sensitivity, and sometimes chemicals in your food and personal care products? Get more info!



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green food
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buying olive oil
Four Useful Tips for Buying the Best Olive Oil
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