Use these health trackers to help you calculate information related to your health, including your Body Mass Index (BMI), body composition, body fat, calories burned by type of exercise, and much more!

BMI (Body Mass Index): assess if you are underweight, at normal weight, or overweight based on your height and weight

BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate): the amount of energy you use daily when your body is at rest

Body Fat: the percentage of fat in your body

Frame Size: determine if your body type is a small, medium, or large frame

Calories Burned: the number of calories burned during cardio exercise

Carbohydrate: the number of carbohydrates you should consume daily

Daily Calorie: the number of calories you should consume daily

Protein: the amount of protein you should consume daily

Weight Loss Percentage: determine the percentage of weight you have lost, based on your original body weight