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  1. I’m a foodie so once I took my child to Carl’s jr just for the toy and I took the meet paty and there was spots every where. It Smelled Like shit! I’m so angry

  2. I had a hamberger today from Carl’s Jr and the meat tastes hideous…..what kind of meat are fricken using it sure the fric isn’t beef that’s for Damn sure!!!!!!

    WHAT IS IT!!!!

  3. I contacted Carl’s with specific questions about their patties beef content and weight of each per type of burger. They only replied with made “with” pure beef. They ignored my question asking in there were additives, fillers, “binders”, etc. We know they have beef in them… Also they would not answer my questions about patty weight. The literally won’t even reply to that one! There seems to be at least 5 different patties/weights and I don’t always get the same size patties on the same burgers! They very depending on if it’s a “sale” item or not. They are sneaky!!! A sale isn’t always cheaper, beware of getting a smaller burger than usual! Very frustrating as I am getting cheated on cost and they all taste different making their product taste different. There “contact us” and customer service response was truly a joke and did not address any of my questions at all!

    Hey Food Cop- Perhaps you can get them to answer my questions!

    • Hi Wayne! Thank you for your great comments! I just added a link to the Carl’s Jr. Ingredient Guide at the end of the blog article. While this document states that their ground beef products are 100% pure ground beef, take a look at the ingredients for their beefsteak patty angus food items (and the chicken and turkey items as well) – many of them contain ingredients that can be considered binders, etc.

      Regarding the patty weight, note that the advertised weight (and the weight listed on the Nutrition Facts panel) is the weight of the patty in its raw state (before it’s cooked) – the weight of the patty after it is cooked could very well vary, which would be why your patties are a different size each time. The cooking time and other factors could certainly affect the taste as well.

      I hope you find this information helpful and definitely let me know if you have any more questions!

  4. Thanks for the info. it does clarify 100% pure beef but does not specifically state the weight of the various patties on each different sandwich, only a the ones with names indicating weight. The serving size appears to be the burger as a whole, not the patty.

    I’ve patronized Carl’s for over 35 years due to their quality and I know their products REALLY well. In recent years I have found that burger meals that are advertised on the window decals such as “California Classic Combo for $4” often don’t use the same patty on them when they are on sale. They use a smaller one! If you look at the picture of the “California Classic” you’ll see that the patties normally overlap the bun, but when you get the sale ones, the patties are a easily 1/2 inch smaller than the bun and are totally hidden by the buns. I’d estimate the sale patties are at least 25% smaller than the normally priced ones. The same thing has happened on other “sale” burgers I have bought too. Believe me, I eat a lot of them and I know when they are smaller and different, it’s more than just the cooking. The different patties are a different meat grind (or binders/fillers maybe?) and taste different between the various types of patties too. Perhaps it’s just my store going rouge trying to bump up profits without corporate knowing about it? Anyway, it is impossible to actually get an answer from either corporate or the store directly what the patty weight is on the non weight labeled/named burgers. Ie: the big burger, the Western vs the Big Carl, etc. Maybe I’m just blind, but I’m not seeing it.

  5. Some of your information should be worded differently. Your post is misleading, french fries are not a healthy side. The healthy option is to have self control and eat no sides.

    • My post is NOT misleading and I’m sorry if my grammar is not to your liking-this is a public blog, not English or nutrition class. It is here to discuss these food issues and my posting is 100% accurate and true. I experienced it, you did not. You say “french fries are not a healthy side”…??? What? I never even mentioned fries in my posting. My post is specifically about burger patties weight and content on sale vs not on sale. Preach healthy eating and grammar in school, not here.

  6. Fast food corporations are all about fast profits over actual value.
    One fills its belly with all kinds of mistery meats and industrial food grade
    fillers, just to end up paying with ones health.
    Their business model is based on exploitation, why would it stop at the consumers end.

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